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“Dr. Cynthia Glickman has nailed it in this life-changing book, “Daughter of a Porn King.” Through Cynthia’s path, you will realize that you are more than just your body; you are a divine being. You are meant to be loved and to give love and she so eloquently weaves this truth into an uplifting and often entertaining story. May this vital message touch your spirit, as it did mine, and may it reach the hearts and minds of people everywhere!…”

Jack Canfield, #1 NY Times bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles

Daughter of a Porn King is the story of a child of one of L.A.’s porn magnates. Growing up surrounded by sex, drugs, booze and drama, she struggled with self-esteem issues, and eating disorders.

Through the eyes of the young Cynthia, you witness the internal struggle of a girl trapped in a world beyond a child’s understanding. As she grows, you see how, with determination and optimism, the human spirit can transcend circumstance to find freedom, forgiveness, and unconditional love.

“Cynthia Glickman writes beautifully about the next level in our conscious evolution. As you read her compelling story, you will recognize your own seed of greatness within and how to grow that in your life. This book will touch your heart.”
Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author of Love for No Reason and Happy for No Reason
“Daughter of a Porn King is a powerful, transformational story of a little girl’s incredible journey from sharing cartoons and Lucky Charms with Traci Lords to becoming a game-changing leader who is a catalyst for excellence and teaches others to live with purpose and conviction. Dr. Glickman is the personification of perseverance and is living proof that, regardless of circumstances, anyone can have an inordinate impact on our world and positively affect not only those who share this lifetime with us, but also those of lifetimes to come…”
Steve Olsher, Author of USA Book News Self-Help Book of the Year, Journey To You: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Who You Were Born to Be

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Daughter of a Porn King offers readers a glimpse into the seedy world of the porn industry, but the book’s message goes far beyond its exposé factor. Dr. Glickman’s message is:

We are not, in the end, merely products of our environment. We have a choice to be whoever, and whatever, we want. In Cynthia’s words, “It doesn’t matter who your daddy is—it matters who YOU are!”

As Cynthia beautifully explains in the book:

“You are here to live your life’s purpose. You are beautiful and divine just as you are. The most important relationship you can have is to yourself and the divine source. By being in love with your life and yourself, you tap into the love that has always surrounded you. From this point, you step into your power. The journey back home to yourself is discovering that you are worthy, that you are of value, that just being you is good enough…then at last, you will be fearless to be the individual your Heart has called you to be.”

“You were born to be free, to experience love and to live your wildest dreams no matter who your daddy is or what your current circumstance.”

Free of fear, free of stress, free of the past — free to be strong, wise, and perfectly unique.

“Daughter of a Porn King: Doesn’t Matter Who Your Daddy Is, It Matters Who You Are.” will  help you discover the limitless possibilities of your own heart and mind through these often entertaining stories of what seems like an unusual childhood, and you realize your ultimate potential as a human being.

As you become immersed in its pages, and your understanding begins to deepen and blossom, a smile will fill your heart as loneliness, stress, anger, and problems are gradually replaced with contentment, ease, compassion, and a freedom that never fades away.




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